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My Mother Have Hatred to Calabar People, She Doesn't Support My Love. Please What Do I Do?

Read her!

Good evening ma, please I need your advice from your parliament!

My dad is Edo which also makes me an indigen of that state while my mum is Ekiti. 

I'm the third child for my mum and second for my dad, we're 5 in total, 2girls and 3boys. My mum is too authoritative and I'm sorry to say I always stand up to her even if she talks to my dad anyhow because my dad has been out of work for years now but still does his duty as a father. 

Of recent, I met the person I'm dating, he's Calabar, I never knew I knew his mum until I met her at their house. I turned 21 last week Tuesday so he asked to meet my parents so I summoned courage and told my dad which he agreed, we never told my mum because of her character. 

But that day she found out eventually after she was pressuring my dad. 

Ever since that day, my mum has been using my relationship to insult me even to the point of saying it in our neighbour's apartment this evening. This is the main reason I never told her in the first instance. 

PS: She has this hatred towards Calabar people right from the onset.

Please what can I do because I'm loosing it? I feel like talking seriously back at her but I respect her so much. She feels she can control me in my relationship like she does with my elder sister.

I'm 21years old, my boyfriend is 23years old. He's through with school and working, I'm in my final year.

I'm sorry I said too much story!

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