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My Girlfriend is Maltreating Me, Should I Go and Leave With My Colleague At Work? - Lady Seeks for Advice

Good day ma. So sorry for your loss ma. I have been following you for 4 years now.. Pls help me post my message in public. Life have dealt with me but being an orphan has made me so strong in life. My grandfather and my younger brother are at the village. 

I went to polythenic and couldn't further my education anymore after my mother died of cancer in my first year, so I dropped out and started looking for a job and started work in a mall as a phone marketer placed on commission. 

 Sometimes a month I wont sell out, so i left. I got another job 10k salary, it wasnt enough for us to feed. So a school friend of mine said she will help me if I come to the state  she is living, because she furthered her studies and just finished her Nysc. 

I am 25 years. She promised to accommodate me freely before. I came to stay with her and after 2 months, i got a job to work in a fast food salary 20k. My first salary, I used 14k to buy a phone because I dont have any phone. The first 4 month was good living with her. 

So after the fourth month, she said I will start paying her rent, 7k from my salary. . I told her that she should reduce it for me that I will have to send money to my grandfather and my younger brother to eat also. We ended up with 5k every month. I live with her and I mop and clean the house. There was a time her boyfriend came and she didn't tell me on time. We live in a room self contain. 

Some days I dont go to toilet when I wake up because I dont feel free. When I get to work, I go to toilet. I bath and dress up in the bathroom. Some days she will go out and leave the man at home, like mostly weekends that I do half days and come back early. I will be so uncomfortable staying with him at home without her presence. I don't know if my English writing is correct but let me continue. 

One day I started looking for my 8k one morning and that day I was hoping to take 1k from the money as transportation fare. She had to borrow me 500 naira to get to work and she isnt working . That period was very tough that some days I trek to work. I now sleep with my money to avoid missing again. I have a lot to write ma but let me make it short. 

 August month I collected my salary and told her to bear with me that my grandfather is very ill and my late mum is his only child. I told her to bear with me let me send my brother 15k and keep 5k for my transportation money, she agreed and after one week, she started changing. If she go to toilet, she will take tissue and lock it inside her box. She will cook soup and lock her fridge. I thank God that I can see food and eat at work and I will even bring some home for her but not all the time. 

I called her to tell to bear with me but her behaviour is making me uncomfortable. Locked the door one Sunday when I went to work and I came back around 3pm, stood outside till she came back 6pm. We have where we keep key but she didn't keep key for me. 

She came back with the same man that spent almost a month the last time and he is still around. So on 29th, I got my salary, got home gave her last month 5k and she said I should give her this September 5k because the month has ended too. I told her that please I need to send money down home, she refused and collected 10k. I had to send 5k to my brother yesterday morning. 

I told my colleague about it yesterday what I am going through and she offered to accommodate me, that I should come and live with her in their house, that her mother and siblings will accommodate me and wont ask me to pay any money. They are 2 girls 2 boys. She said that hat the mother won't argue if she tells her . 

I have visited them once and they treated me nicely. I need advise please ma. Should I go and stay with my colleague and her family?

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