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My 14-Year-Old Stepson is a Thief, He Sleeps With My 3yrs Old Daughter to. Please What Can I Do?

This story was shared by Cynthia's Cornerstone on face, please read the young woman and advice her. 

Good afternoon ma please help me post and hide my ID.
Ma am really worried don't know what to do, my marriage is 4years now and i have a step son he is 12 he brought him to stay with us when he was 8 we have been living together. 

The 1st year he came to stay with us he was always stealing some times he would call his friends and show them were money is for them to steal we thought it was petty thief until i put to birth one day my sons (step son) friends came to complain that they are tried they want to report what has been going on, in the presence of my son( step son) dey told the father that he is a thief and he and them use to have interc0urse through the anu$ and he even told them that if i leave his sister (my daughter) with him and go out and she cries he would give her his pe₦i$ to suck, the father asked and he said it was true. 

The father did not do anything about it saying he is still small and he does not know what he is doing, when ever we leave him and go out if you stay out till after 4 he would leave the house and join people that are packing dirty for people and be collecting money. 

I and the father warned him several times but he still continued, we had to relocate to a place far from town to enable us take him away from that area, we were thinking the area was affecting him, but things did not change this boy would steal money from home use it and buy toys dash people or through it away, friends from that area came to complain. 

Mind you we don't let him go out except on errands to buy things, my daughter grew up to 3 years and started complaining that her varginer is paining her i checked her and did not understand so i took her to my elderly neighbor she told me the girl has been touched when we asked her it was her brother she called. 

His crimes in the area and house because much we has to ask him what the problem was after much question he said he wanted to go to his mother's place, his father refuse to send him.

Please dear friends what can i do for this boy to change, if nothing is done he will be a bad influence to the society. 

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  1. My sister protect ur daughter she is your life, ooo don't let that boy finish u o I think u will not what to do. He a boy it wouldn't affect him.


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