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I Have Been Telling My Friends that My Introduction is December, Now He is Saying Another Thing. What Do I Do Now?

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Pease hide the i.d because am using a friend's phone
My story goes thus,a guy once ask me out but I told him am not ready due to the fact that I want to learn more about fashion designing and I don't want distraction,he left around 2018. 

Then last year he came and ask me out I accepted to date him but after a week he said he is no longer interested I left,
This year he asked me out again. 

I accepted until we choose introduction date on August that d date will be December,last week am surprised he called to tell me he is not financially buoyant, he said we should shift the introduction. 

I said when he said next year,I left in annoyance because I av been telling my friend that my introduction is December I av been moody since,I don't know how to tell my mum she has been inviting people,I av never encounter this type of disgrace before Because am stressed out, please wat can I do

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